Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Graceful Dance

I was not born graceful.

Attempting to be graceful is a constant battle for me.  I've always been clumsy, a klutz, so to speak. 

I watch those who move with graceful fluidity and wonder how I can train myself to be like that. 

I listen to those who speak with such graceful confidence and wonder why I trip over my words so often.

I don't think I will ever achieve perfection with grace. 

Last night, I attended a ballet fitness class.  Oh and watching myself in the mirror was hilarious.  I could NOT for the life of me coordinate my arm with my legs for the plies. 

It reminded me of my clumsy speech and my seeming inability to be a graceful person in general. 

Graceful movement isn't as important to me, as being graceful in my speech and actions. 

For about two years, I removed myself from people.  Hidden away.  I've gone to work, church, and a few conferences.  There was mending that needed to be done and it needed to be done in private. 

As I've emerged from my dark room of mending, I'm finding that any grace that I'd achieved previously has flown.  Like a tremulous dove, frightened away by the darkness. 

Starting over is challenging, but strength I have, and so I will begin again.


Chandra said...

The art of being graceful. Yes. This is most definitely something that I need to learn. This was very well written. The only thing I'm going to add is that I will pray that God's perfect strength will help you when you need it most.

More Modern Modesty

Kendra Thaler said...

I can definitely relate to this. I love to say, "grace is not my middle name". It's been something I have been striving to become in conduct, in speech and in my habits. Good post.