Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blessed Are They...

How many questions have you had for God? The 'why' questions that stem from pain, the 'what' questions that determine your future, the 'how' questions when you have something that needs to be done, but you can't see a way to do it. How many times has God given you a direct answer for your questions? What's that? Rarely ever? Same here. I have many, many questions for God, but he doesn't seem inclined to give me the answers I seek. I recently read a book that addressed this subject, but in terms of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was an awesome man of God, dedicated to the Kingdom in every way. Do you think he had questions at the end when Jesus didn't give him a straight answer to his one question that he'd ever asked? "Are you the Messiah, or do we look for another?" Do you think he may have wondered why his God was allowing his head to be delivered on a platter to Herod's banquet hall? I think he may have. There are few men or women that have ever lived that were deserving of God giving them answers to their questions, and yet we don't know that John ever received the answers he looked for. The bottom line of the book was: "Will you serve a God that you do not understand?" The statement from Jesus throughout the book was: "Blessed are they that are not offended in me." I know I have wanted answers to questions in my life. I've anguished over some of them. I still do to this day for certain questions. But the only question that matters is: will I serve a God that I do not understand? A God who heals some, but not all. A God that saves some, but not all. A God that answers some, but not all.


jen lord said...

*gasp!* a post!

There's a lyric that says "do I really want a God that I can understand?". That totally makes sense to me yet is so Crazy Hard for me {a person who Wants to understand sooo badly} to grasp.

Michelle Dianne said...

Bek, how odd is it that after several months, we both blog on the same day? :)

Thought provoking stuff.