Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Do you think Adam and Eve thought about trying to be 'different' from everyone else?

Probably not. They WERE the originals. The first people to ever step foot on planet Earth. God's newest creation.

Now there were several things that were enviable about Adam and Eve, the first being that they walked and talked directly with God daily, the second being that they lived in perfect (if not perfect, near perfect) bodies with perfect living conditions.

One thing that I don't really envy about them though was their originality. Why?

I don't need to be original to be loved, I don't need to be different. I just need to be me.

I have this friend who hates cheese (cough, cough, Jen), but she hates it because she truly does not like cheese.

I have other friends who hate In-n-Out and Starbucks because they're 'popular' and everyone else likes it.

Which friend is being most truthful and being the original? Jen: because she truly does not like the thing she claims to hate. The other friend(s) are avoiding something because everyone else likes it.

If you want to stand out as different and original, why not be yourself? If you like something that someone else does...doesn't that just give you something else in common to build a friendship on?


Mary Frances said...

Very TRUE!!! Soooooo I HATE Burberry...I think it is TOTALLY UGLY and way overpriced etc...and I am CONVINCED that most people ONLY like Burberry because its a NAME brand...LOL...but one of my best friends who is totally NOT into name brand stuff but LOVES and ADORES plaid saw this chick walkin with a Burberry purse one time and she was like OMW MARY!!! That is like THE CUTEST purse I have EVERRR seen and I looked at it and I'm like KIM!!! Thats a Burberry and she was just like, WHAT'S THAT?!?! So I had to explain it to her...BUT I thought it was cool cuz SHE really liked the design for what it was and not cuz of what it was known for or whateverrrr! LOL! AnywayZ, I liked this post!!! :)

jen lord said...

Good example, Mary!

I'm guilty of this occasionally {besides my perfectly normal taste buds} and I think people don't realize their biases. Instead, they react upon their biases without rationalizing WHY they even have them!