Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Light of All Eternity...It's Only Temporary...

October 12, 2010 will always and forever be burned into my memory.

I didn't even have a chance to enjoy the day before my life was changed irrevocably, and my heart was broken. Sounds dramatic, but it's the truth.

Around 6:30 AM, I received a phone call from my little sister. It went to voicemail before Albert woke me up to call her back. I called her back, and the words on the other end of the phone were those that I never, ever would have wanted to hear: "You might want to start heading up the hill, Dad's been in an accident, and it's bad. There is a lady here who won't talk to me until Mom gets here, but she said it's bad."

I rushed around trying to get ready to leave, but before I knew for sure that he was gone, I started mourning. I called my Mom to find out what hospital we should go to and during that conversation she told me that my Dad hadn't made it, and was gone: we should go to the house.

We didn't get a chance to say goodbye. So many regrets, so many lost memories, so much pain.

We lost a great, great man. He taught me what a man should be: God fearing, respectful, funny, a provider for his family despite the pain he might be enduring, a pursuer of knowledge, book intelligent and street smart, not afraid to tell it like it is and not afraid to love and say "I love you." He was all that and so much more.

I can't tell you that I understand the plan of God in our lives. This past year has been hell on earth with losing him and everything else that my family has experienced.

I will miss my Dad until God calls me home and I get to throw my arms around him and hear him say "I love you Miss B."

But I do have this one hope: in light of all eternity, it's only temporary. He might be gone from this life, but I will see my Dad again.

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