Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bend With Grace

I read this quote today:

"Welcome the unexpected changes in life. Learn to bend with grace and humility. Grow through it all and never, ever forget to take notice of the beauty changes can bring."

Unfortunately, I don't know who the author was, but I would love to read more by the individual who stated that. It's very insightful, and you can learn a lot by that simple quote.

So many times we are very averse to change. It's different, it's new.

Unfamiliar territory.

The unknown is a scary place sometimes. It's not really a place many people want to explore.

Sure, there are a few who relish the thrill, but most of us like our quiet, comfortable, known life, usually, with an occasional chosen thrill thrown in for good measure.

The caveat is that most of us can't choose our changes. We don't have the control over the universe that we sometimes wish we had.

The changes are unexpected, unwelcome and always unsettling.

I spoke with a woman the other day, who is exactly one day younger than me.

She has had cervical cancer, and while she was going through chemo, she got pregnant with her daughter. She had to be hospitalized during the entirety of her pregnancy because of the risk the chemo posed to the baby. When her baby girl was born, her legs were backwards. They had to break every single joint of that newborn babies legs and cast them, every week, during the first six months of her life, while in her mother's arms. Since then, the baby has grown to be three and was told she would never walk. She walked at age one.

That wasn't the end of this woman's story though. She has since had breast cancer three times, in addition to the time she had breast cancer at age eighteen. They can't do a mastectomy because if they did, the cancer would move to other vital parts of her body, and eventually kill her.

This lady is strong. While sharing her story, I heard not one trace of bitterness. In fact, she told me she felt selfish because she doesn't worry, and can cast all of her cares on God.

That my friends, is amazing strength, and the ability to bend with grace and humility.

Through it all, she is thankful for her baby girl, because she was told she would never conceive because of the chemo.

That story stopped me in my tracks. How many times am I un-thankful for what God has done in my life?

How many times am I so busy stressing out and worrying, when God has it under control?

I know so many people who hold on to things for years and years that need to let it go.

Let the pain and disappointment go.

Let the anger dissipate.


It's so important and vital in learning to bend with grace and humility through the changes.

Don't become so rigid that every change that comes along breaks you.

Bending is much easier to heal from than breaking...


Marc Adrian Smith said...

It's always easy to welcome the positive changes. However, sometimes the changes that seem negative can still have a positive effect on us.

jen lord said...

What an incredible story!

Its crazy what beauty can be found with unexpected change.

Kathy McElhaney said...

Wow - what an amazing example of bending with grace. I cannot imagine going through what she has gone through, but thankfully the same grace is available to all of us - if we choose it.

Michelle Dianne said...

Wow. Amazing!

It makes me sit back and reconsider my "lot in life" and realize that if someone can handle all that and still be gracious (and thankful to God), what's my problem?! :)

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